Computer code

We will collate and make available the computer code used throughout the book to produce graphs and analysis, whenever possible. We are working with all the authors to ensure as much code as posssible is shared. Stay tuned!

Chapter 1: Bayesian Background

Chapter 3: Bayesian Tail Probabilities for Decision Making

  • appendix.R contains a set of function written by the author (Leo Held).
  • BayesianPvalues.R contains code to recreate the entire analysis developed in the chapter. The code in this second script is in fact in rmarkdown format and can be used, for example, within a more structured document (eg using the R package knitr)

Chapter 11: Benefit of Bayesian Clustering of Longitudinal Data: Study of Cognitive Decline for Precision Medicine

  • Full tutorial with annotation and explanation of the analysis performed in the chapter (written by Anais Rouanet)

Chapter 23: Bayesian methods for in vitro dissolution drug testing and similarity comparisons