I vaguely knew about Norway, but having being there for a few days I could actually see and ask a few things about it. It’s amazing and humbling how they managed to make the country work. The fact that they have invested 20 years on learning how to work with oil and gas (which is now paying off amazingly, with their sovereign wealth fund) is really a lesson that should be learnt by so many politicians (and voters!) around the world.

Surely it is much easier to run a country of 6million people than one that is 10 or 50 times as big, but still their welfare state is impressive.

On the other hand, the cost of living is ridiculously high: the equivalent of £5.03 for a coffee (check this out! $-$ as of just now, Google currency converter says £0.107 for 1 Norwegian Krone) really is steep.

Anyway, very interesting place $-$ to visit.

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