Storm after the storm

Veeeery slowly but reasonably surely, I’m working my way up the pile of unfinished things that I have miserably neglected in the last month or so.

I think I’ve just closed the telomere paper and I’m almost ready to work on the Eurovision contest paper (we’ve run the final model, so I should be able to write some stuff up so we can send it out $-$ this time we’re aiming high; let’s see how it goes!).

A couple more prescriptive things (ie work that I don’t particularly care about, but that I have to do, given that it is paying at least part of my salary); the next bit of the HPV model (in which we are starting to include sexual mixing $-$ sounds kinky, but it just means allowing the poor simulated cohort to have sex); and a couple of nice summer projects I’m supervising (I’ll post more on these when I have a bit more time).

Then I should be ready for a short, but much needed break. First, we’ll go here

and then, we’ll spend a few days here

(hopefully with weather just like in the pictures!)

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