Vinnie the Panda (kind of a New York style wise guy, who advertise a brand of biscuits talking like my cousin Vinny) says: “These guys know a thing or two about biscuit!”.

I think it’s only fitting that the Italian media are now all over the fact that if Spain and Croatia (more or less explicitly) agree on a 2-2 draw Italy are out of the Euros no matter what. They call it a “biscuit”. After all, we do know a thing or two about biscuit, given all the match fixing, professional footballers betting on games they were playing in and so on.

I can see Spain doing their usual game with over 85% possession and eventually breaking the Croatians so that even a miserable 1-0 at the 96th minute will see us going through. I think it’s a bit less likely that they actually draw 2-2, but I’m afraid it’s also quite not a given that we’ll beat the Irish.

Having said all that, I really do not care that much about how it’ll go tonight. Honest!

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