Under the Tuscan sun

I have to admit I’ve never read the book, but I remember watching the ads for what I thought was an awful, full of cheap stereotypes movie when I was in Boston a few year ago. Our week under the Tuscan sun has been been a good week, though.

The weather has been great, in fact even too hot for my recently converted English-like taste. We’ve had a good mixture of time on the beach

(we found a nice little spot with not many people, which was nice, but I still managed to get mildly sun-burnt), and in the gorgeous small towns on the hills just right by the sea

which was actually the bit I liked the most, by a fair distance. There is a place in Castagneto Carducci (which I now consider as the ideal town for a holiday: just close enough to the beach, but not too close that you “have” to go everyday for most of the day) where the pizza is so big that you really struggle to finish it. But because it’s also sooo good, you really have to give it a serious go.

Yesterday we wandered around Florence like American tourists, shopping for shoes and ice cream (incidentally: if there are two people, one young-ish, handsome man and one incredibly attractive, if a bit bossy young woman, who is doing all the shopping?), with the advantage of knowing the back roads to the main sights and going through all the narrow, emptier little streets of the centre. It is funny to realise how I now look at my home town in such a different way than when I was living here, and I kind of wish I had the tourist attitude more, back then.

In a couple of hours we’ll get a train to Bologna and fly back home from there. Hopefully, there’ll be no drama on the train; given that the incredibly attractive young woman above is fuelled by recently watching several episodes of Game of Thrones, I’m not sure of what could happen…

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