Moaning packing and proof-reading

As usual, I’m putting off packing my bag to the very last minute. But I am going to have to go and do it in about 10 minutes. I know that once I actually leave (tomorrow morning, that is $-$ long story short, see here) then I am going to enjoy the trip to San Diego and the conference. But right now I’d rather not go.

But that’s enough moaning. On the bright(?) side, the editor has sent me the proofs of my book. She has very politely let me know that I have to get back to them by next Friday. Apparently, the book is a HYBRID (no idea what that means! I suppose I’ll have to find that out), so all I need to do is go through the proofreader’s corrections and say if I’m happy with them.

I’ve briefly gone through the book and I have to say I’m impressed $-$ not so many corrections. I’ll have to figure out what some of them mean, but most should be straightforward.

[… Time passing while I’m packing …]

OK. Done packing (quite quickly, considering I also had one eye on the Opening Ceremony, which so far I think looks pretty awesome, for what I could see). I’ll be back from the other side of the pond!

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