One paninO two paninI

The first part of my trip to San Diego has not been too bad at all and certainly better than I was expecting. The flight to Atlanta has been quite smooth and uneventful. The food was even ok-ish and the highlights have been the following.

  1. I was very pleased that they have served a panino. That has nearly made my day, since I fight a personal battle against (possibly Italian-sounding) places selling “paninis”. It’s an Italian word, meaning sandwich, and as such the singular is panino, while the plural is panini. Paninis is just wrong. This one wasn’t the best panino ever, but at least they got the name right.

  2. Unfortunately, they blew it by serving a copetta. May be they meant a coppetta (double p, double t: small cup)? A “copetta” is just as good as two paninis.

  3. This time I didn’t get all emotional on the plane (coming back from Vietnam I nearly cried at a Family Guy episode $-$ OK it was a touching one, but still…).

  4. Clearing the passport check has also been really quick and painless. There’s no free WiFi in the Airport, but a dodgy looking guy suggested I checked the food court area. I did and found a good spot just outside TGI Fridays, which I’m now shamelessly using. In fact, a few more people have even joined me!

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