Run keeping to keep running

To keep up with the Olympic spirit, and on Marta’s insistence, I think I’ve started doing some running. I’ve gone twice in a week: last Saturday we first went to Kent to pick up some stuff we bought off Ebay (in the process we first stopped by Tunbridge Wells to pay our respects to the Reverend; then, we had some fish & chips in Rye) and then we we got back home went for a 35 minutes run.

As it turns out (shockingly!), fish & chips is not a good idea before running; in addition, I pulled a muscle about 100 meters after I started, which wasn’t really pleasant. This morning I went again; my leg didn’t hurt so much and I managed a 4.5km run in which, according to the fancy app I downloaded on my phone, I burned 300 calories.

I have to say running has never been a favourite activity of mine $-$ although when I was younger I used to do a lot of it when training with my football team (I’m afraid that some of my former team mates would probably disagree, as running wasn’t the biggest part of my game…). But I’m intrigued by the technology that allows you to record virtually everything about every outing.

Being the data-freak I am, that’s really the main motivation for me to keep this up!

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