Twitter Economics

I think I’ve spent far too much time trying to find a suitable picture to go with this post (but I have to say I’m very happy with the final output!). Anyway: this is potentially quite interesting.

The Academic Health Economists' Blog are launching the _Health Economics Twitter Journal Club. _The idea is quite simple ie to arrange a virtual meeting to discuss a relevant paper over a Twitter account. I suppose this should make comments and discussion quick so that the conversation flows even if the participants are not physically in the same place.

As suggested at the webpage linked above, the inaugural meeting is this coming Monday (October 1st) and this time the discussion will be on this paper, which sounds quite interesting too.

The only two drawbacks (as far as I’m concerned) are that a) the meetings are at 8pm London (UK) time (which of course is done on purpose so that most people can participate, but still bothers me because it clashes with The Big Bang Theory); and b) so far I’ve made a point of not having a Twitter account, since in general I find it a bit pointless and by far the less interesting of the social media.

Truthful to my Tuscan nature, I tend to strongly support something and then despise its competitor(s), eg Linux (good) vs Apple (evil). So, because I’ve already have a Facebook account, I really shouldn’t have a Twitter one… But I might change my mind just for this one.

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