What I should really blog about

I’ve just seen that, as of today (I think, given I haven’t checked the blog over the weekend), this is the most read post in the blog. It has taken over from another post, which was also discussing football [digression: I realise that by linking to these post, I’m making them even slightly more likely to be read, but I think that the third most read is quite below their numbers, so it shouldn’t really cause much bias].

Now, on the one hand this is kind of cool and actually should be guiding my future endeavours in terms of blogging, so that I can finally take over the web and become one of those people who go on telly and are presented as “bloggers”:

On the other hand, however, it is a bit frustrating, considering that I try to be opinionated and write as-much-as-I-can-intelligent-stuff on topics that are (evidently, just supposed to be) a bit more important than football.

Well, may be before I abandon for ever everything else and focus my life on football only, I should consider that the real explanation is confounding, since the top post was also on R-blogger and thus it was probably exposed to a much wider audience than others.

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