Hand picking

Yesterday we were out with our friends; we met for a drink late in the afternoon and spent quite some time trying to figure out what we wanted to eat.

First, we approached the problem by area, trying to think where we wanted to go and then looking on the internet on our phones (well, at least those of us who have modern phones, ie not Christian or Vale), but that didn’t work out.

So we decided to browse by type of food and I think it was Marta who found an Eritrean place close to where we were. Because of the bonfire, it took us nearly twice as long as normal to get there, but in the end we made it. And it was really good!

They bring you a big tray covered with a flat pancake over which they then put all the food; and the fun part is that you are supposed to pick it with your hands, eventually eating also the pancake. At the end of the dinner, they also offer a typical coffee ceremony, which we tried. It takes for ever (in all fairness, they roast and ground the coffee), but to keep you busy the also bring some popcorn, which is unusual as well as actually nice.

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