Marking your own homework

I quite like the way in which Brian Leveson (who has led the famous public inquiry into the media, in the UK) has summarised his recommendations: you guys [ie the press/media] should not “mark your own homework”.

I’m afraid that’s exactly what the Prime Minister Kirk Cameron will allow. By the way: isn’t it kind of neat that in the picture I’ve put here he quite looks like vice-PM Nick Clegg, instead?

Perhaps, despite the apparent argument the pair are having about whether the over 2000 pages Leveson inquiry report should be used to replace the use of Cushelle $-$ which incidentally would free us from the unbelievably stupid advert they have $-$ they are actually morphing into a single person!

And also, if that’s how it goes on, may be we should consider letting our students marking their own homework; it would come quite handy, given that I have a nice pile to mark right in front of me…

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