Making friends

I’ve received an email by one of the contributors of and, while we were both hanging out of our parents' back, we’ve decided we wanted to become friends.

I had encountered this blog a couple of times in the past and their approach is quite similar to mine (so I instinctively like it; that’s not to say that I do like everything that is similar to me, but it certainly makes it easier to get a good feeling out of it…).

Anyway, in particular, I kind of like the fact that they have a motto (In Monte Carlo we trust) $-$ it made me think that perhaps I should get a motto of my own.

That has happened to me once before, while Marta and I were spending some time in Boston during our PhD. At the time, she was working on statistical analysis of genomic data and so she was based in a lab, which was led by an Italian (nay, Florentine) researcher. This one time, I went to see a presentation and on the first slides, he had modified Harvard’s motto “Veritas” to a much more convivial “In vino veritas”. But then again, he did come from Chianti

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