Job advert

We finally got around to prepare everything we needed to advertise the position which will be available in the MRC grant we’ve been awarded last year.

The project will run for 30 months and we’re looking for a post-doctoral candidate to work on the Research Discontinuity Design as applied to the evaluation of the effect of interventions (mainly pharmacological) in primary care.

I think the project is quite interesting because it is both about developing some theoretical advancements on the causal inference literature and making some analysis on real-practice observational data. Similarly, it cuts across several disciplines and has ramifications bordering on health economic evaluation, epidemiology and statistics. That’s why the research team is so big.

All the relevant info is here. The deadline for applications is 14 April 2013 (which, incidentally is the day after my cousin’s birthday $-$ but of course that’s not why we chose it!). We plan to shortlist and interview by the end of April and then start as soon as possible. And before you ask, no: candidates will not have to build their own chair…

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