Bayes Pharma 2013 (1)

Earlier today, I’ve arrived in Rotterdam for the Bayes Pharma conference. As I already said in a previous post, I think we have quite an exciting line up. In fact, I think that the finalised programme is packed with interesting talks!

My first impressions of the conference (well, the conference hasn’t started yet, but I mean the whole “experience”) are:

  1. I should really stop arriving at the airport 2 minutes before they close the gate. And it’s not like I don’t try $-$ no matter how early I leave, I always manage to nearly miss my flight.
  2. Schipol is the best airport ever. It’s really easy to navigate and well organised.
  3. Dutch people are, for some reason, much more tanned than you’d expect them to be. Surely this has nothing to do with the weather (which is crappier than in London).
  4. Rotterdam looks nicer than I remembered. I came here for another conference back in 2002 and I wasn’t really impressed. But today (despite the incessant rain) I got a much better vibe. Before the conference dinner, we’ll do a bike tour and now I’m really into it.
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