Bayes Pharma 2013 (2)

The first day of the conference was quite good, I thought. I was pleased with the audience’s response to my talk and also the other talks were quite good. The level is even higher than last year.

There are about 75 people attending (which is 15 more in comparison with last year) and considering this is only the 4th edition of the conference, I think that’s quite a big success, and we’re happy about it!

Also, today was dedicated to the social events. We had dinner in a nice restaurant but before that, to work up an appetite, we burnt some calories doing a bike tour of the city (to be precise: 288 calories, although I actually forgot to start the tracker on my phone at the beginning of the tour, so I’d say it was more like 350).

That too was quite nice; and quite typical as well, including the weather conditions perfectly in keeping with the tradition of the Ardennes classics

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