Bayes Pharma 2013 (3)

Another very interesting day. The highlight of the morning was, in my opinion, David Ohlssen’s talk. David is with Novartis US and has discussed a few issues related with subgroup analysis, pointing out the potential strengths of applying a Bayesian approach.

In the afternoon, a very good session on missing data. Nicky and Alexina’s talks were very good and with plenty of interesting insights $-$ I’d like to incorporate some of them in the lectures for Social Statistics next year (although usually the students are not familiar with Bayesian statistics, so that is probably a bit complex to do). I think all the talks will be soon available on the Bayes Pharma website.

Finally, following the advice of a very nice local young lady, we went to dinner to a sort of North African/Middle Eastern restaurant, which was really nice.

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