The pretender

Tonight I’ll pretend to still be very, very young and go catch a Ryanair flight from Stansted, so that I can be all revenge-y at my brother’s stag do, tomorrow morning.

I have pointedly avoided Ryanair for quite a while now, on the grounds that as you grow “less younger”, you deserve a bit better quality (although most of the times I end up flying Easyjet, which are hardly the most comfy airlines around… But at least they fly from much closer to my home).

But, ubi maior… I will leave tonight at about 3am so that I can be in the Cambridgeshire countryside with hopefully some time to spare before they board my flight. Then, I’ll be finally reunited with the travelling part of my family (I can’t be sure at this point, but I seem to remember having wife & kid, although, they have decided a few weeks ago to abandon me to my own devices and flee the English winter in search for better climates).

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