Plan B

Thank goodness, I think that even if this statistician business turns out badly, I can still make a living with rafting (if only by begging for money, in exchange for looking ridiculous in the swim suit)…

As part as my brother’s stag do, we went to the Cascata delle Marmore and gave it a go. It was good fun. First we spent a good 45 minutes being briefed and taught the theory.

The guy who was doing this was a bit of a drama queen and made it out much worse and dangerous than it actually is… Our team did well, although we were told off several times by the instructor.

Back home and to a gazillion emails. And tomorrow I’ll be in Bristol to a Workshop on the Value of Information, organised by the ConDuCT Hub for Trials Methodology Research, University of Bristol. It promises to be quite interesting. There’ll be talks and case studies (for which I still haven’t really done the suggested homework $-$ hopefully I’ll manage to stay awake on the train to Bristol!).

On a different (but vaguely related) note, the updated version of BCEA is now available from CRAN (I’ve discussed the main changes here). The new manual is available here.

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