Day out in Bristol

Long day, today, as I went to Bristol for a workshop on the expected value of information, specifically for health economic evaluation.

I like Bristol $-$ I’ve only been a couple of times, really, but it feels like a fun place (as suggested by the awesome graffiti on a wall close to the station)…

The workshop was presented by Nicky Welton, Marta Soares and Tony Ades (actually, Nicky did most of the talks). I enjoyed the day, although I would have liked more technical sessions $-$ not criticising here: I think the intention was to give a general introduction to the concepts underpinning the EVPI and other derived indicators, such as the expected value of parameter information and the the expected value of sample information.

In this sense, the workshop was well designed. But I wouldn’t have minded more details both on the methods and the computational aspects, especially as some of the example presented looked based on relatively complex models, which would have been nice to learn more about.

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