Don't cry for me Argentina

Well, I had a very good run; but I knew sooner or later it had to end, and end it did…

All the time I’ve come to Canada before, the people at the border control have thoroughly checked my Italian passport, very politely asked a few general questions (you know: where you coming from? where you staying? what is the reason of your visit to Canada?, etc) and then, invariably, fired off the question “so you’re from Argentina, right?”

I’ve never quite got why they did that, but I was looking forward to my arrival in Montreal, yesterday for the next Evita-moment. Unfortunately, first the pen with which I was writing on my landing card exploded (I still have ink sings on my fingers and I can’t seem to be able to rub them off); and then the young lady at the border control did not mention Argentina at all $-$ just wished me a pleasant stay in Canada and waived at the next person in the queue…

I decided to soldier on and got to my hotel with no real hassle $-$ this time I was prepared and I knew to take the 747 bus, which for a very reasonable Can$9 gets you into town. This morning the JSM conference will begin, but I think the programme is not very heavy on the first day, so that’s a good chance to wander around the beautiful Vieux Montreal

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