Champions league

Before I even start any real writing here, I should remark that I am most definitely not an Inter Milan fan (but they are my brother’s and dad’s team, so I thought I used this picture anyway); nor is this post really about football (well: it is in a way, but not re the Champions league, though).

Anyway: every week I receive an email from Research Gate which updates me on the stats about my personal profile (eg in terms of viewings) and that of the department (of course, this only includes the members who have a RG account).

Apparently, last week I have been the Bayern Munich on the department, with nearly twice as many downloads as any other member of our department (I really hope that RG doesn’t send personalised updates in which you always fare well, while in fact you don’t!). This was driven almost exclusively by the football paper (54 downloads just last week), which I had also discussed here and here. I’m guessing that, probably, the beginning of the new football season across Europe has made the topic even more popular than usual.

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