I wasn’t really a great fan of the show when I was growing up, and I also think (hope!) that the picture is not fitting to what I’m about to say…

But when I was at BayesPharma earlier this year, Miguel Negrín has kindly invited me to visit the Department of Quantitative Methods in Las Palmas, which I thought was quite interesting; so I’ll go for a week at the beginning of October.

Miguel and his colleagues are doing some interesting works in (Bayesian) statistical methods, generally applied to economic theory (and with some development specifically in health economics). So, potentially, there is quite some scope for interaction and collaborations, which makes it really cool (plus, of course, the fact that they are based in the Canary Island…).

I’m not sure how we’ll play this out, but I am thinking of giving a couple of presentations on current work $-$ possible candidates are the latest development on the HPV model, the work on structural zeros and perhaps discussing some of the latest developments in BCEA.

On a related note, we may have very exciting news about BCEA $-$ in fact a couple of very exciting (well… in nerdy terms, of course) things may happen in the very next future!

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