Parum PI

A couple of weeks ago, the MRC-funded research project on the Regression Discontinuity Design (of which I’m the Principal Investigator) has officially started, so I thought I wrote a few lines of update about it, after the couple of posts (here and here) referring to presentations we’ve given on (very preliminary) work we’ve done.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I can quite claim to have the physique du role to be a _Magnum PI _[hence, and to show off that I did study Latin in school $-$ although you may argue that I could have easily used Google Translate… but I haven’t: promised! $-$ the title of the post], if only for the fact that we’re having a terrible September, weather-wise, here in London…

Let me be clear that I’m not complaining and of course I am very happy that we got the grant. But I must say that being PI is at the same time a very exciting and exhausting role (I’ll pretend that it hasn’t occurred to me that the project is just started). Today I put on my most Hawaiian shirt and spent most of the time trying to sort out a few admin things and sending emails.

Hopefully, we’ll shortly have something a bit more substantial to report about $-$ the signs are all there, luckily…

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