Bayesian Biostatistics 2014

This has to do with the ISBA Biostats section (I suppose it will be even more, if I am elected to the post of Program Chair, but I’ll try and be involved even if I don’t win!): the next Bayesian Biostatistics Conference has just been announced and will be held at MD Anderson (Houston, TX) this coming February (12-14).

I went to the 2009 edition, which was good. Most of the emphasis, as is obvious given the research interest of the organisers, was on clinical trials, in particular early phase. At that time I wasn’t really working on that topic, so it was good for the academic experience, but it didn’t have immediate impact on my personal work.

Now I am doing some work that is related to this, so this would probably be even more interesting (although it does happen in the middle of the teaching term, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to go…). And in any case, the topics are quite diverse:

  • Imaging analysis
  • NGS data analysis
  • Subgroup analysis
  • Enrichment designs
  • Integrative genomics
  • Deconvolving tumor heterogeneity
  • Biomarker-driven adaptive designs
  • Drawing inferences from large databases
  • Anti-infectives and other non-cancer therapeutic areas

so it wouldn’t necessarily be just about clinical trials!

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