Typos in BMHE

No matter how many times you check and no matter how good the publishers are, I’m guessing there’s no way out of getting typos in a publication, especially if it’s a relatively long one, such as a book.

I’ve just discovered a couple in BMHE, which I thought I should try and correct (or at least point out) here.

  1. Page 45, figure 2.5: the bottom part of the decision tree shows the possible outcomes when the operation does not go well. However, the headings for the branch out of the “Patient lives” random node are both “No”. The top one should read “Yes” (much as in the top half of the tree).
  2. Because of the changes in the R2jags package, the code in chapter 4 and 5 should be slightly modified to say attach.jags() instead of attach.bugs() $-$ I’ve already explained this in more details here.
  3. Page 186: I don’t really like that the transition matrix overflows to the very bottom of the page $-$ but that’s not my fault… My original file didn’t have that.

I’m sure there are more $-$ I’ll post them when I catch them (or, more likely, when people make me notice them: I have to thank my student Shabai for noticing the mistake in the decision tree).

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