I think I should thank Marta (again!) for this post, as she made me think about it while we were riding together to the Stan workshop, in one of our now (“A XY”, that is, as opposed to “B XY” when we used to do so all the time) rare joint outings on the Vespa.

Lately, quite a few London Buses advertise electronic cigarettes, which we found peculiar, given the ban on tobacco advertising. Now, of course, technically, electronic cigarettes have nothing to do with tobacco, so, I’m guessing, they are perfectly within the law in advertising them.

However (and I must say I don’t really know enough about this!), it appears that some evidence is present to hint at potential risks to health due to e-cigarette consumption. So, one may wonder, why are these allowed to advertise without formal investigations on their safety at least planned? Again: I may be completely ignorant of government-commissioned studies into this matter (in which case, well done UK Gro├če Koalition!). But I may also be guessing well, right?…

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