BMHE & BCEA get a shout in published paper

Panagiotis Petrou has posted a link to a recent paper of his, which develops a cost-effectiveness analysis of a drug used as a second-line treatment of renal carcinoma. The analysis is based on a Bayesian Markov model.

But (from an incredibly self-involved point of view, I realise!), more importantly, they say on page 132:

"_The model was synthesized in WinBUGS software package (Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling) suitable for analyzing complex statistical models [18], and the R package Bayesian Cost Effectiveness Analysis [19] to do all the economic evaluation process after the Bayesian model has been run._"

The R package is actually BCEA and it was also very nice to see that ref [19] is in fact BMHE, which they refer to as “An excellent book in health economics”.

This is clearly the sound track to this post…

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