Sure thing principle

I’ve been a bit busy lately $-$ teaching, plus other more or less interesting things (well: some really interesting, some much less so) $-$ and thus I haven’t really written many posts recently. But I still try to check my own blog roll to see whether somebody has had a bit more time to write.

While I was just doing this, I glanced over the list of the top posts from this blog and, after a long time, the post about the US election is no longer the top one from my blog. It has (by now massively!) overtaken by this.

Clearly, the title has quite a lot to do with the attraction of a post and evidently the double use of the word “porn” has really been a “sure-thing” (in the sense that the post has had over 1500 visits…) for this one.

But I’m not sure that Jimmie Savage would endorse the way I’ve used his sure-thing principle here, though…

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