Bayes Pharma 2014 - nearly there...

We’re nearly done with (most of) the preparation for Bayes Pharma 2014. We’ve received quite a few abstracts for the contributed talks $-$ many different topics but in general very interesting work, I thought.

We’ve managed to secure several sponsorships $-$ we kind of look like one of those weird football shirts where they stick up as many brands as they possibly can. But it was nice to involve ISBA and the RSS (in addition to the Quetelet society, who have a long standing association with the conference).

I’ve nearly finalised the social event (I’ll post some gossip as we get closer) and all I’m left to do is to arrange lunches/coffees et al. There are still some available places $-$ all the information needed for registration is here. As always, students go free!

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