My talks @ Universitat de Girona

Just after Easter, I’ll go for a very quick trip to lovely Girona, where Marc Saez has invited me to give two talks.

The first one will be a re-run of the short course on INLA that I did at Bayes Pharma last year. It’s scheduled (and prepared) as a 3-hours talk, in which I briefly introduce the general Bayesian problem, quickly glance over the basics of computation and then spend some time on INLA, describing the theory behind it and then presenting a few examples on how you use it for inference. I’ve modified the talk slightly and changed a couple of examples.

That will take up the morning and after an half hour break I’ll give another seminar; this time I’ll talk about the structural zero model. I have presented this a couple of times before, but I think in all cases it was before I finalised the model. So this time the talk should be better.

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