ISPOR posters

As the short course is fast approaching and I’m fighting with the last organisational details, I spent most of today preparing the two posters for the ISPOR congress, which I’m attending the week after next.

At first, I was a bit disappointed that none of the two abstracts I submitted had been accepted for a podium presentation, as they call it. But on reflection, in such a huge conference as ISPOR, the time scheduled for a talk is only 12 minutes, which makes it really difficult to present any methodological work, anyway. So, inspired by Marshall, I thought that posters may not be too bad after all…

The posters are about the structural zero model (which I’ve also discussed here and here; and some material is here) and BCEA. Because ISPOR is one of the biggest conferences in health economics, I think there’s an opportunity to show these to potentially interested people $-$ also, I’ll meet a few colleagues, plus I like Amsterdam, so all in all, sounds like a good trip (hopefully!).

Anyway, I’ve put a pdf version of the two posters here and here $-$ check them out, if you like!

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