Best job ever

The job advert for the postdoc position in our MRC-funded project on the Regression Discontinuity Design is finally out.

Aidan has done a fantastic job in his little over a year in the position, but he’s now moved to a lectureship in our department and so we need to find a suitable replacement. In fact, the new post has been extended and will be jointly funded by the project and the UCL department of Primary Care and Population Health $-$ who are collaborators on the RDD anyway.

The project is doing well and we do have a couple of interesting papers out $-$ here and here, for example. We’re also currently working on some more extensions of the method, as well as the actual applications to the THIN dataset.

As they formally say, “Informal enquiries regarding the vacancy may be addressed to Dr Gianluca Baio, email:”…

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