Advance notice

As a few people have already inquired (more or less formally) about the next edition of the short course on Bayesian Methods in Health Economics, I thought it would be nice to start the new year off by posting some details on that…

While we’re exploring avenues for world domination and as yet unjustified expansion that will possibly, eventually lead us to be the Enron of statistical education (I’ll post about this when I have a less confused idea about it), we know that the next edition will be held at the MRC Biostatistics Unit in Cambridge on 24-26 November, later this year (that’s Tuesday to Thursday).

I think we’ll very much keep the same format, which I think has worked fairly well in the two previous editions $-$ with only very minor tweaks, particularly to the first and, possibly last two talks. We may revise some of the practicals, but again I think that they kind-of work well, so I’m not sure about that… We’ll re-advertise more widely closer to the event, but you can put the dates in your diary (and yes: we did have to book the room so much in advance!).

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