Conflict of interest

Disclaimer: I’m fully aware of the obvious conflict of interest here, but also I think that this looks really good, so I’ll write about it anyway.

This post is to highlight that Marta’s and Michela’s book on Spatial and Spatio-temporal Bayesian Models with R - INLA is finally out (I think it can be pre-ordered although it will be officially available early in May). I think the book is really good as it describes the underlying theory of INLA and makes the effort of presenting a unified framework, including examples and R code.

The only downside to this, now that the book is sort-of out of Marta’s mind, is that she’ll go back to architect-mode and start again to suggest new ways in which we can move the furniture (or even worse, the rooms) around. I should find another topic for her to write a book, soon…

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