My compliments

I’ve been told of a nice review of BMHE in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics, by Patrick Graham. I was very pleased by the review. Particularly about a couple of bits. One, for example, says

_A general strength of the book is its anchoring in practical examples. This feature should appeal to its intended audience: students in an advanced course in health economics. Another attractive feature of the book is that the author has followed what might be called the "[Gelman]( approach" of using very informative table headings and figure captions._

$-$ a “Gelman approach” is kind of what I was going for, so that’s very nice!

Another bit of which I was very pleased says

_While the book would probably not suffice as a stand-alone text for a general course on Bayesian inference some of the examples could help enliven such a course by illustrating __the application of Bayesian methods to complex models designed to inform important and difficult decisions._

which again was something I was aiming for, while writing the book.

On a related note, we’re preparing some interesting (I think) changes/additions to BCEA $-$ I’ll blog about these soon!

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