Italians do it better!

I’ve just spent a little over one hour to sort out my registration, travel and accommodation for the upcoming ISBA conference, later this year in Sardinia $-$ well, I say “sort out”… I think most of the details have been sorted out, so fingers crossed…

Last time I went to ISBA was the last time it was in 2006, the second-last edition organised directly as a “Valencia Meeting” and it was a-we-so-me! It was already a rather big conference, but I think it was a lot more manageable (both financially and academically) than it has become, since 2010.

Anyway, I’ll be speaking on a session about our work on the regression discontinuity design, so I’ll go to this edition (if all the planning goes well, that is…).

So far, it seems that one perk is that booking through Italian websites is way cheaper than doing so through English websites. I guess Italians do do it better…

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