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The scientific program is now FINAL, please check www.bayes-pharma.org for the detailed program.


  • Greg Campbell, FDA
    • Bayesian Statistics in Medical Device Clinical Trials: Great Progress and Some Challenges
  • Mike Daniels, U Texas
    • Bayesian nonparametrics with some examples of their usefulness in the pharmaceutical industry (Course)
  • Tarek Haddad, MedTronics
    • Incorporation of stochastic engineering models as prior information in Bayesian medical device trials and post-market surveillance
  • Robert Noble, GSK
    • Properties of a Bayesian sequential design to investigate delayed graft function after renal transplantation
  • Martin Posch, U Vienna
    • An extrapolation framework to specify requirements for drug development in children
  • Alberto Sorrentino, U Genova
    • Sequential Monte Carlo algorithms for Bayesian imaging in neuroscience
  • Kyle Wathen, Johnson and Johnson
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