What's my job again?

For quite some time now, Kobi (who’s just turned 4) has been kind of obsessed with Monster University. In fact, all he really cares about is one particular scene in which, as part of the “scare games”, the monsters have to run through a corridor while other monsters throw spiky balls at them (this is called a “toxicity challenge”).

Anyway, he wants to play this game all the time (including yesterday, Sunday, at 7.30am): he starts running around the house while we have to throw a few balls (one of which is actually spiky $-$ though not toxic! $-$ at him).

More interestingly, when Marta and I were trying to explain what kind of job we do, we told him that we both work in university. To which he replied: “Oh, so you throw spiky balls?”. I wonder what the Bayesian version of that could be…

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