Good stuff around

Lately, I’ve been publicising quite heavily our Summer school and new MSc, but of course, we’re not the only one to plan for interesting things worth mentioning $-$ well, of course this is highly subjective… But then again, this blog is (mainly) about Bayesian stuff, so what’s the problem with that?…

Anyway, I know of at least a couple of very interesting events:

  1. Petros' course on Decision modeling using R, in Toronto, in February 2017. Last year he kindly invited me and I gave some sort of BCEA tutorial, which I really enjoyed.

  2. Emmanuel’s summer school on advanced Bayesian methods, in Leuven, in September 2017 (I think their website is not live yet, but info will be available at the i-Biostat website). I think they’ll do a three-day course on non-parametric Bayesian methods and then a two-day course on Bayesian clinical trials.

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