I’ve been asked to post about the EuroCIM (European Causal Inference Meeting), which will be held later this year in Florence. I very happily oblige, because: a) this is usually a very good conference; b) it is organised by nice and obviously very good people (well $-$ at least I like them!); c) at a time where everything UK seem to move away from anything Euro, it’s actually very nice to see a conference formerly known as UKCIM going fully Euro!

**EuroCIM: the European Causal Inference Meeting, April 2018, Florence**
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We are pleased to announce that after five successful editions of the UK-CIM, *the first European Causal Inference Meeting (EuroCIM) will take place in Florence, Italy, in April 2018. *The meeting will be focused on "*Causal Inference in Health, Economic and Social Sciences*". [EuroCIM 2018]( is organized by the Department of Statistics, Computer Science, Applications ([DiSIA]( and [ARCO]( of the University of Florence, Italy. Conference dates are Wednesday April 11 to Friday April 13 2018, early bird January 17, Submission of Abstracts February 1. The conference will include keynote addresses from: >> >> * [Donald Rubin]( (Harvard University) >> * [Vanessa Didelez]( (University of Bremen) >> * [Michael Hudgens]( (University of North Carolina) >> Moreover, on April 10 2018 four [workshops]( will be offered by [Rhian Daniel]( (Cardiff University), [Johannes Textor]( (Radboud University Medical Center), [Fabrizia Mealli]( (University of Florence) and [Guido Imbens]( (Stanford Graduate School of Business). The conference will also feature presentations and a poster section that will give researchers and practitioners the opportunity to show their work. For more info on the meeting, the fees, how to register and submit an abstract please visit:
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