The migration

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In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing lots of work to migrate my website and the blog to a fully-integrated version based on Hugo and blogdown. Plenty of people have written very good and detailed templates on how to migrate from other blogging platforms, so I won’t bother adding mine…

I think overall the transition has been OK — some hiccups mostly due to my limited proficiency with pure html, but I did manage to turn the basic (well, I say basic, but it’s actually pretty good and advanced!) academic template into something that is rather customised to my liking. For example, I’ve expanded the page width and included a more complex website structure, which basically replicates the older version — but better, I think.

I have spent lots of time fixing some small issues (eg in the blog posts — most have been fixed, but I think some links may be broken, or some images may not be placed where I had originally intended). Also, there are some bits and bobs that I still haven’t fixed exactly as I want — for example, the search bar (which is a bit of a more complex thing, because of course the site is static, so it requires some ingenuity to allow dynamic searches. People have done it, but I have to figure it out in all the details…). And I need to take care of syndication of the posts etc. But by and large, the new website is kind of ready to go!

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