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We’re spending a few days in Paris before going to Florence for a few more days over the Easter break. We’ve not been super lucky with the weather (cold yesterday, rainy today and possibly even more rainy tomorrow — although it definitely got warmer).

Partly because this isn’t our first time (but it’s Kobi’s), we’ve not gone on a massive sight-seeing spree — in fact, we’ve tried to keep him entertained, while not relinquishing every shred of self-respect as adults. But we’ve all enjoyed very much the visit to the Trocadero, which is the set of one of his (our?) favourite episodes of one of his favourite animated shows. And all of us got weirdly excited because we recognised the place and were shouting at each other: “Look! This is where the race starts!” (the episode involves a race between two of Marinette’s class mates. Please do not lose your respect for me…).

On other news, Marta and I were a bit disappointed because when we arrived at Gare du Nord, we’ve missed the trademark SNF jingle, which we always look forward to, when we come to France. But to make up for this, we’ve independently discovered the curious way the voiceover on the Metropolitain announces the next station: 20 seconds before the station, they announce something like

“Prochain arrĂȘt: [Insert name of the station with an upward inflection]”.

Then, immediately before the station, they repeat the announcement, but with a downward inflection. A bit like this. Which, for some reason (partly to do with being exhausted from being on a city-break with a 6 year old), we found hilarious.

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