Face the music

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This week I’m in Cambridge, for Bayes 2018. This year, we’re running this as a satellite event to the main ISBA conference, which will be held later in Edinburgh. As usual, we’re having a one-day short course on the first day of the conference — this year, Nicky Best and Leo Held have organised (together with other colleagues) a very interest few lectures on the use of historical controls.

All seems to be very good — rather large audience, with over 30% students — and a very nice location (the Homerton College). Only interesting diversion is that somebody has also organised (unbeknownst to us) a party in the garden. Which wouldn’t be a big deal, except that they are insisting on also playing some (to be fair, rather nice, if quite loud) smooth jazz/swing music. Which is proving a bit disturbing — making it a bit difficult to concentrate…

Tomorrow we’ll have the first day of talks with again interesting presentations on Bayesian models used in regulatory settings as well as in adaptive trial designs. And we have already good plans for the next couple of editions (I am not sure whether I am on some form of NDA, but 2019 will be held in Lyon).

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