Fake code

Andrea (who’s one of my co-autors in our book on BCEA) has pointed out a couple of typos/imprecisions he just discovered in the book, while he was doing some more work, I think mainly around the vaccine example.

I have created an “Errata Corrige” section in both the BCEA book and the BMHE pages and I’ll try and keep them updated, if we find some more fake news — you know how these publishers are… You clearly do not make any mistake in the first place, but then they purposedly typeset it wrong to make it look like you’ve not proof-read your manuscript properly… 😁

For now, we only found minor things, really — for BMHE, I think the most important one is actually to do with changes in R2jags (at the time of writing, they hadn’t implemented a specific attach function for the resulting JAGS object).

For the BCEA book, Andrea has spotted a typo in a command to retrieve a file from the remote repository and a minor imprecision in the definition of some logNormal distributions.

If you find something that is just not quite right, then let me know and I will highlight it in the relevant sections!

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