Missing you

The other day, I went to one of the UCL Priment seminar sessions — these are usually very interesting as they combine one methodological seminar with another that is more applied and describes work on a specific trial or study. Also, we have a very close collaboration with Priment, so it’s always interesting to see ongoing work with them.

Anyway, the session the other day was a bit more methodological than usual, with two seminars on handling missing data in economic evaluation, which is of course up my street… In fact, Andrea was one of the speakers (and I quite enjoyed, unsurprisingly, his talk).

The other speaker was Manuel Gomes. His talk was also very interesting — it combined aspects of “standard” methods (mostly Multiple Imputation) and extensions to more complex models (e.g. copulae and other more Bayesian variations) to cater for some of the issues with health economic data.

This also reminded me that Manuel has organised a very interesting two-day short course on Methods for addressing missing data in health economic evaluation in September this year — he’s also kindly asked me to contribute a session on Bayesian approaches for addressing missing data in economic evaluation (which I think is one of the final lectures in the course). I did something like this last year — it was good fun. For this year, I think I’ll also have some more practical material, which would make it even more fun!

Registration details are available at the course page.

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