Mistakes in the book

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Just before and just after the Christmas holidays, Leena Choi has alerted me to a few typos (or rather, I should say, inconsistencies) in parts of Bayesian Methods in Health Economics.

She has rightly pointed me to some bits of text describing the code used to run the Bayesian models using JAGS that weren’t quite aligned with the later text description of the results. I’ve now updated the Errata Corrige of the book page.

Luckily, none of these are actually big mistakes — like I said, in most cases there’s a difference between the code I’ve copied from the R or file I was using directly to the LaTeX document. I suppose this is the big argument in favour of compiling code- and output-intensive documents (like books) using knitr, which to be honest I do more and more often (and I push this hard to my students too)…

In fact, I’m not quite sure I buy fully into Yihui’s recommendation to move to Rmd format (instead of compiling full LaTeX document, eg using Rnw format). I can see the advantage of using full R markdown formats, but I still like the control that using LaTeX gives me over the production of the final document.

But, as always, I digress…

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