Bayes 2019

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We’re getting ready to advertise fully the next edition of the Bayes 20XX conference, which this year will be held in beautiful Lyon in May.

As usual, on day 1 (21 May) we’ll have a short course. This year’s topic is Adaptive Designs: how to practically implement adaptive designs. The course will be presented by Adrian Mander and James Watson, both from the MRC Biostatistics Unit in Cambridge, which hosted the conference last year.

We also have already a very good line up of invited speakers, who have already accepted our invitation and promise to make for quite interest and diverse areas of interests. Among these, we have Kerrie Mengersen (who has also served as the President of ISBA in 2017), Sara Geneletti, whom I only vaguely know of (), Eric-Jan Wagenmakers (whom I don’t know personally, but he seems to have a relatively unsual profile, for Bayes 20XX, which will certainly make for a very interesting talk). From the industry side, we have invited Kaspar Rufibach, Mike Denham and Fran├žois Mercier.

This year we have an even larger than usual range of possible areas for which we are soliciting submission for oral presentations:

  • Multivariate models
  • Causal inference, mediation analysis and related topics (Surrogate markers, real world evidence,…)
  • Reproducibility crisis and related topics such as DoE, assurance (Probability of success)
  • Non-clinical statistics and related topics (QbD, Stability, bioassays, validation,…)
  • Prior elicitation, historical controls, meta-analyses
  • Bayesian spatio-temporal/temporal modelling (e.g. disease propagation, survival analysis,…)
  • Bayesian decision sciences
  • Benefit/risk analyses
  • Bayesian “big data””, predictive models, selection of variables
  • Programming and numerical opportunities
  • Communication of Bayesian statistics

I think that registration is now open.

All this while we’re also giving the final push for the edited book that Emmanuel, Bruno and I are working on an edited book on Bayesian Methods in Pharmaceutical Research, which is pretty much been inspired by our participation in Bayes 20XX (well — I think Bruno is effectively the father of what was originally called Bayes Pharma and has now kind of merged into the Bayes 20XX/Bayesian Biostatistics conferences). I think this is also a very interesting projects and we have an amazing line up of authors/contributors, covering effectively all parts of pharamaceutical development. I think we’re on track for an early-summer submission of the final manuscript (the book will be published by CRC). I’ll post more and have more information on the website when we’re nearer to publication!

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