Floor filler

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As I posted recently, I’m involved in a couple of events, later this summer: our annual Summer School and the new(er) tradition of the R for HTA workshop.

I have to say that I’m very happy about how things are proceeding for both of them. The summer school has been first advertise a few months back (I’ve posted on the blog, but we’ve also tried to reach other relevant mailing lists and groups, such as the HTA agencies in the EUnetHTA Network). And the dancefloor is quickly filling — there’s been a surge in registrations in the past couple of weeks and we now only have 4 places left. (I’m not expecting to have dance sessions when we reconvene in Florence, in June. Although usually people do have lots of fun, both at the Centro Studi, chilling in the terrace, or rolling down to Florence…).

The R for HTA workshop is even more impressive and pleasing, I think. We basically almost filled up the 20 places for the short course on using R for Cost-Effectiveness Modelling. We already have 12 places reserved! We also have already 16 registrations for the main event as well.

And we’re also finalising the “hackathon” — well challenge, to use the formal terminology — which sounds like an interesting exercise. We’ll publicise this shortly as well, so people can sign up for it too!

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