RSS-UCL Conference on Teaching Statistics in Higher Education

Some of my colleagues at UCL are organising a very interesting conference on teaching statistics in higher education. I think it will be very good, with people showing clever ways of getting people interested in statistics and contributing to good practices, which is always a very good thing!

Also, this is related (kinda…) to an interesting post, discussing the impact of collaboration across different research areas having statistical input as central.

Anyway, here’s the official blurb for our conference at UCL:

The Department of Statistical Science at UCL, together with the Royal Statistical Society, will be hosting (at the RSS) a Symposium on Teaching Statistics in Higher Education on the 3rd April, 2019. The programme includes talks by distinguished speakers in Statistics Education along with panel discussions on the future of teaching statistics. More details are available here:

The event is free to attend and open to all, but registration is necessary. You can register here:

If you have any questions, please email Simon Harden

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